Book Review – “Hide and Seek (Family Reunions)” by Lynette Eason

Manually ReleasedAuthor: Lynette Eason/Publisher: Love Inspired Suspense (2013)/Genre: Inspirational Romantic Suspense/Page Count: 218

Author Lynette Eason writes scintillating, heart-pounding inspirational romantic suspense novels for the Love Inspired Suspense line, amongst others. She’s written at least twenty-two traditionally published works since 2008–making her one of the most prolific and successful new writers in the genre by anyone’s estimation.

In “Hide and Seek,” one of several of her novels published last year, Eason weaves the compelling tale of Spartanburg, South Carolina resident Erica James. A thirty-year-old divorcée, Erica’s world was ripped apart when her three-year-old daughter, Molly, was kidnapped during an outing at the zoo. In the ensuing three years, the devastated mother has established a thriving business locating and restoring lost children to their parents. Though fulfilled by her work, Erica nurses a huge hole in her heart that can only be healed by her daughter’s safe return.

As the story opens, Erica’s in hot pursuit of a promising new lead in her missing daughter’s case. Bit of a glitch, though: Chasing the evidence takes Erica to a known crack house in a seedy Spartanburg neighborhood. Once inside the home, Erica meets attractive private investigator Max Powell. Erica and Max “fall in like” pretty quickly, but complications abound. For one thing, Max’s troubled younger sister is the latest person of interest in Molly’s disappearance.

Fans of Christian romantic suspense will savor the tension-packed ride  toward the heart-pounding conclusion of Ms. Eason’s novel. Max and Erica are believable, three-dimensional lead characters, and Ms. Eason surrounds them with a thoughtfully developed supporting cast. Each of the members of Erica’s illustrious investigation team–brother Brandon, friend Jordan, and cousin Rachel–just screams for his or her own story.  The villains of Ms. Eason’s works are never one-dimensional or cookie cutter, and the antagonist of this particular piece doesn’t disappoint on that score.

If you haven’t read “Hide and Seek” yet, grab a copy this weekend. It’s well worth the read!

Okay … So, I’ve talked enough. Any fans of Lynette Eason’s out there? Which of her works have you enjoyed most and why? Which other authors or works of inspirational romantic suspense have you enjoyed? Please leave a comment below. Blessings!


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