Book Review – “Killer Assignment” by Maggie K. Black

Killer AAuthor: Maggie K. Black/Publisher: Love Inspired Suspense (2013)/Genre: Inspirational Romantic Suspense/Page Count: 219

Maggie K. Black’s “Killer Assignment” offers a no-holds-barred, rollercoaster ride into the wilds of northern Ontario, Canada’s Kapuskasing area. The city is home to dense, colorful forests, plentiful rivers and–if Ms. Black’s premise is to be believed–high-stakes adventure and gut-wrenching romance. The topography surrounding the community proves as much a character in the novel as the main protagonists themselves, ambitious tabloid journalist Katie Todd and philanthropic adventurer/engineer Mark Armor.

Ms. Black weaves a first-rate plot. As the novel opens, Katie’s been dispatched to cover the social event of the year, an invitation-only party at the northern Ontario home of a wealthy land developer with a heart of stone. As Katie disembarks from a train in the town of Cobalt, she spots a menacing stranger in the shadows. Moments later, a couple of wild-eyed teens accost the bewildered journalist and launch a violent attempt to kidnap her.

When a handsome stranger rescues Katie from the clutches of her sadistic would-be abductors, she’s cautiously grateful. A difficult past has taught her to be distrustful of most men–no matter how irrational the fear. Could Mark Armor prove a man worthy of her trust?

Little does Katie realize that her inventive rescuer harbors a few conflicting secrets and motivations of his own. After Mark attends to Katie’s immediate welfare, he can’t quite release her entirely. What if the kidnappers return? When the bad guys make the inevitable ominous attempt at contact with the beautiful, but vulnerable, journalist, Mark decides to stick close by–all the way to the perilous environs of Kapuskasing.

Ms. Black crafts likeable, multi-layered characters in the persons of Katie Todd and Mark Armor. As the couple encounters various forms of opposition, they draw plausible conclusions and make reasonable decisions consistent with their circumstances. The author does a tremendous job of acquainting the reader with the main characters of her novel in a gradual, natural manner. So their fears, their concerns, their desires and their goals become those of the reader.

If you’re a fan of inspirational romantic suspense novels, READ THIS BOOK!!!

Here’s a quick question for you: Read any good books lately? How about “Killer Assignment” in particular? What did you think? I’d love to hear from you. Please leave a comment below. Blessings!


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