Book Review – Terri Reed’s “The Doctor’s Defender (Protection Specialists)”

The Doctor's Defender 2Looking for a rollicking good inspirational romantic suspense read? Look no further… In author Terri Reed’s “The Doctor’s Defender (Protection Specialists),” Dr. Brenda Storm, a general surgeon at fictional Heritage Hospital in Chicago, and Kyle Martin, a bodyguard with Boston’s elite Trent Associates protection specialists, are thrown together when a brutal unknown assailant launches a vicious, all-out attack on the beautiful doctor’s life. When the bodies of innocent bystanders–Brenda’s unwitting hospital co-workers–begin to pile up, Kyle, a former Navy Seal, springs into action–determined to protect Dr. Storm both from the killer and herself. 

Brenda’s committed to standing her ground. Her patients need her, the hospital is her life, and she can’t fathom deserting either. Kyle soon becomes adamant that Brenda needs to distance herself from her normal routine if he’s going to keep her safe. And you guessed it: That’s when the sparks begin to fly.

Though frightened, Brenda’s no pushover. Kyle’s definitely got his work cut out for him in the face of the surgeon’s stubborn resolve to maintain some semblance of life as usual. When the killer’s assaults strike closer to home, however, Brenda has a decision to make: Continue to endanger the lives of those whom she holds most dear, or trust Kyle to shield her from harm on the roller coaster run of a lifetime.

Terri Reed displays an uncanny ability to reveal the inner thoughts, motivations and sensory experiences of her male and female protagonists. We learn a lot about Brenda’s and Kyle’s pasts, their strengths and weaknesses, and their spiritual and emotional challenges as we follow them on their journey toward the truth, toward fulfillment, and toward love. It never feels, though, as if the author is piling on what she shares just for the sake of creating believable “back story” for the characters. The key revelations are made in a timely, natural manner and never at the sacrifice of an engaging plot or a compelling, readable pace.

I highly recommend “The Doctor’s Defender” to fans of contemporary inspirational romance and of the romantic suspense genre in particular. You won’t be disappointed.

So, tell me.. Are you a fan of Terri Reed’s, of the Protection Specialists series, or of the Love Inspired Suspense line in general? Even if you’re simply a fan of inspirational romantic suspense novels overall, please feel free to leave a comment below. Blessings!


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