Book Review – “Once Upon A Prince”

Once UponRachel Hauck’s “Once Upon A Prince,” an inspirational romance novel set in modern day South Georgia and a fictional European country known as Brighton Kingdom, answers an age-old question: Can true love really conquer all?

Soon after twenty-nine-year-old Susanna Truitt, a St. Simons Island-based landscape architect, is unceremoniously dumped by her boyfriend of twelve years, she meets the handsome, chivalrous and enigmatic Nate Kenneth. A short-term visitor to the island from Europe, Nate conceals a whopper of a secret. You guessed it: He’s actually Crown Prince Nathaniel—heir to the throne of Brighton back home.

In short order, Susanna’s colorful, middle-class family welcomes Nate into a life filled with hard work, raucous laughter, and edgy Southern hospitality. Reluctant to spoil the innocence and simplicity of his holiday—or of the opportunity to explore his growing affection for the lovely, complex Susanna—Nate devises a plan to ensure they’ll spend as much time together as possible before the delightful summer is over. Despite the Prince’s best efforts, however, Susanna learns the truth. Angry, mystified, and insecure in the wake of the discovery, Susanna is also curious. Intrigued. What’s it like to be part of a royal family? Why hide behind a false identity? What’s Nate’s interest in her?

When urgent family business prompts Nate’s immediate return to Brighton, what will become of the budding relationship between the adoring Crown Prince and the pining Georgia peach? You’ll have to read Mrs. Haucks’ gripping page-turner to find out.

The author does everything right in this book. She weaves an intricate love story chock-full of lush, vibrant scenery, compelling interior and exterior conflict, and layered, endearing characters. Liberal doses of the divine infuse the tale, but the allusions to spiritual solace and intervention only enhance the reader’s comprehension and appreciation of each of the finely-drawn lead characters over the course of the story. If you’re an unabashed fan of fairytales, you’ll adore “Once Upon A Prince”–a five-star exploration of what it really means to “live happily ever after” in modern times.

Have you read “Once Upon A Prince”? Which character did you enjoy best? Why? Are you a fan of Rachel Hauck’s other works? I hope you’ll share your thoughts below.



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