Book Review – Lynette Eason’s “A Silent Terror”

A Silent TerrorIn Lynette Eason’s “A Silent Terror,” Marianna Santino, a beautiful, hearing-impaired teacher of the deaf, finds her roommate murdered upon returning home from work one day. Ethan O’Hara, a ruggedly-handsome police officer, is dispatched to investigate the homicide. When it becomes increasingly clear that Marianna’s life is in danger, Ethan is assigned to solve her roommate’s murder and the string of seemingly unrelated follow-up crimes that occur soon thereafter.

Though attracted to one another, fiercely independent Marianna and grief-stricken Ethan struggle to trust God’s will and their own emotions as they tumble toward an inevitable clash with the sinister villain of the piece. In this compelling, heart-pounding read, the question is clear: Can the pair forego their stubborn tendency toward self-reliance to submit themselves entirely to God’s protection and direction?

Ms. Eason writes masterfully in the inspirational romantic suspense genre. The term “page turner” aptly describes the plot, pacing and intricate character development she employs in “A Silent Terror” and in the growing body of work she’s published since 2010. A prolific author, Ms. Eason has produced over two dozen novels in that time. I highly recommend this book and can’t wait to read more.

Are you a Lynette Eason fan? Which of her books have you read? Which would you recommend?


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