Law Source Saturdays (Alaska)

Alaska - Klondike Highway - Mountain

Last week, I launched a new blog series called “Law Source Saturdays.” I’m hunting down the best legal sites on the Web for authors/writers of Christian legal thrillers and inspirational romantic suspense novels. Have you hit a patch of writer’s block? Could you use a little help or inspiration with your work in progress? Has the great site you used when you wrote that novel four years ago slipped your mind? Well, join me in the hunt. Let’s take a look at the State of Alaska.

  1. Need to know how many murders or violent crimes occurred in Alaska in 1972? Take a look at The Disaster Center’s State Crime Pages . The site currently contains Uniform Crime Report Statistics covering the period from 1960 to 2011.
  2. Perhaps you need to know who investigates major crimes in Alaska. You might start with a visit to the Alaska Department of Public Safety’s  website. Click on the division link for Alaska State Troopers and then on the Alaska Bureau of Investigation’s link. According to the ABI’s website, it coordinates and conducts “major criminal investigations within [the jurisdiction of the Alaska State Troopers that include] homicides, sexual assaults, polygraph examinations, fraud, forgery, computer and internet crimes, surveillance, missing persons and lengthier property crimes investigations.” The ABI also strives to “reduce the availability of illegal alcohol and controlled substances throughout Alaska.”
  3. Do you simply need access to the state’s statutory law or regulations? Consider a visit to the Alaska State Legislature’s Statutes  database. Alaska’s criminal law and criminal procedure statutes rest at Title 11 and Title 12, respectively. How about case law information? Take a look at the Alaska Case Law Service.
  4. For an overview of the state’s court system, check out the Alaska Court System page. Maybe you’re looking for help with a criminal case headed into an Alaskan court. If you’re interested in the prosecutor’s perspective, visit the State of Alaska – Department of Law’s Criminal Division or Criminal Justice Division. On the other hand, your MC may stand wrongly accused of a crime he/she never committed. If you’re looking for help on the defense side, a stopover at the University of Alaska Anchorage’s Justice Center page might be in order. Whether your MC is rich or poor, the basics of the criminal process are generally the same.
  5. For a literary glimpse at the state known as “The Last Frontier,” visit the websites of the writers whose information follows. Bestselling Christian author Tracie Peterson has written several novels set in Alaska, including the following: “Summer of the Midnight Sun,” “Treasures of the North,” and “Dawn’s Prelude.” Award-winning inspirational fiction author Colleen Coble has written at least one book set in Alaska entitled “Alaska Twilight.” And “Snow Angel,”  the debut novel of multi-published Christian author Jamie Carie is also set in Alaska.

So tell me: Do you dream of writing a thriller set in the Land of the Midnight Sun? Are you an Alaska native or simply a writer with a yearning to write about the country’s northernmost state? Leave a comment below. Blessings!

Legal Disclaimer

The information you obtain at this site is not, nor is it intended to be, legal advice. Visitors to this Web site should not act upon any information found herein without first seeking professional legal counsel. The author does not provide any warranties whatsoever with respect to any hyperlinks found on this Web site. The hyperlinks are offered as a service to my readers.


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