10 Signs You’ve Transitioned from Mommy to Mom

Mothers' Day Cake crop

1) Mommy enjoys a liberal daily dose of warm hugs and sloppy kisses. Mom endures an exasperating menagerie of hourly tantrums and vexing scowls.

2) Mommy bandages tiny cuts and scratches and kisses them to make them better. Mom receives 10:00 pm calls from the police about the sixteen-year-old son who’s fine and the two-year-old car that isn’t.

3) Mommy places Maddie’s and Danny’s cutesy artwork all around her office cubicle. Mom cringes at the sight of hideous posters plastered across Madeleine’s and Daniel’s accent walls.

4) Mommy pouts a little when she discovers another baby’s on the way just as Cari’s beginning to walk. Mom gripes a lot when Cari’s 8th Grade Social Studies project won’t pass for John’s 6th Grade Science Fair Project.

5) Mommy passes J.J.’s baby clothes on to her sister-in-law to keep the outfits in the family. Mom threatens to reclaim Jaden’s cell phone if he gives away one more pair of sneakers.

6) Mommy plays soft, melodic classical music next to Candi’s crib. Mom yells for the eighteenth time, “Candice, turn that radio down!”

7) Mommy sighs when Ian begs for and breaks the brand new family “DDD.” Mom smiles when Ian offers to buy a replacement Blu-Ray disc.

8) Mommy ties a decorative pink ribbon into Micki’s hair for the Easter program. Mom drops Michaela off at the hairdresser’s to ensure the perfect hundred-dollar “updo” for the prom.

9) Mommy receives adorable handmade cards and flowers for Mother’s Day. Mom is lucky to get a chummy pat on the back and an indifferent air kiss.

10) Mommy applauds with unbridled glee as Erin graduates from pre-school. Mom cries with unchecked abandon as Erin boards the plane for college.

Ahh. The infinite joys of motherhood.  Let’s share. When did you know you’d transitioned from Mommy to Mom?

A Happy, Safe and Blessed Mother’s Day to all…



4 thoughts on “10 Signs You’ve Transitioned from Mommy to Mom

  1. Girl, you hit the nail on the head with this post. It used to be: Mommy, you’re so pretty. Now it’s: Mom, you’re gonna wear that?

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