Book Review – Susan Sleeman’s “High-Caliber Holiday”

 Author Susan Sleeman made my Thanksgiving a High-Caliber Holiday indeed. Check out my review of her third installment in the Love Inspired Suspense First Responders line at the “Suspense Sisters” site today. You’ll find it here.



Book Review at Suspense Sisters Site – Christy Barritt’s “Desperate Measures”

Desperate MeasuresGot a moment to read or skim a review? I’d be grateful if you hopped over to the Suspense Sisters Blog today and checked out my review of Christy Barritt’s “Desperate Measures.” Please feel free to chime in with a comment.

Interested in reading the latest issue of The InspyReader Gazette? Well, it’s hot off the press! Authors include Margaret Daley, Elizabeth Goddard, Margaret Brownley, Edie Melson, Sandra Ardoin, Julie Arduini, Laura J. Davis, Heather Gray, Janet Chester Bly, Valerie Comer and Jody Hedlund.

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The InspyReader Gazette is out! Edition of 12/2/14

"Silver White Winters" by Candice Sue Patterson
“Silver White Winters” by Candice Sue Patterson

Today in The InspyReader Gazette! More book reviews and author interviews by the most avid readers in Christian Fiction! Featuring books by Steven James, Ronie Kendig, Randy Singer, Liz Johnson, Naomi King, Candice Sue Patterson, Gayla Prewitt and more!

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The InspyReader Gazette is out! Edition of 11/1/14

Susan Sleeman's "Silent Night Standoff"The InspyReader Gazette is out, and it’s got an all-new look!
Today’s edition of the paper includes book reviews and interviews for authors Lisa Wingate, Bonnie S. Calhoun, Susan Sleeman, Amanda Cabot, Regina Scott, Lora Young, Sally Bradley, Jenna Mindel, Deeanne Gist and more!
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